Welcome to Gavin Duncan Graphic Design. This website is an evolving project built on the WordPress CMS platform and using the Expound theme. It is a project that is subject to sporadic review and development. Change is the only constant in the world, so this project is no exception and I will be making slight alterations and tweaks as I go.  This all came about when I accepted a challenge from Chris Guillebeau, the author of “$100 Start-Up” and “Born For This”, two excellent books on entrepreneurship. He has a great podcast called Side Hustle School www.sidehustleschool.com that I have followed since it started, and in a moment of great bravado I called and left a message. Next thing I know my call is broadcast and I get a mention on the show and a challenge to stop procrastinating and build a website. A challenge that it would be very hard to ignore. So I got my s**t together et voìla! One WordPress site built in 10 days, and further refined over the last 81 days.

A selection of poster and flier designs

GDD Portfolio Slide

It is home for my Graphic and Web Design Service. my own little “Side Hustle” if you like. If you need some straightforward, affordable help to get some artwork for your project, I can help.

I have an alter-ego by the name of Joddy McWingnut, a university nickname bestowed upon me that I have kept as more Dude-ish version of myself. At Joddy McWingnut’s T-Shirt Emporium you can browse for a fabulous T-Shirt or a useful Gift featuring one of my designs or photographs.

Anna's Hummingbird at Chestnut Flower
A female Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) taking nectar from a horse-chestnut flower (Aesculus hippocastanum). © Gavin Duncan 2017